Asking Experts

I am the first to admit that I am not an expert at gardening. Granted, I quite enjoy it, and my borders do look passable when I put the effort it.

But that it about as far as my talents stretch and when I need a professional job doing I call in the experts, despite the cost.

So, armed with appointment cards, I wait for my experts to arrive. Firstly the trees – after all an amateur gardener cannot be expected to cut trees, can they? Certainly not! So they come to prune, trim and make sure that the trees are tended for another year.

Then there are the hedges. OK, so I do the small ones myself, but I don’t have the tools or the head for heights for the larger ones. So, the hedge man comes and accomplishes in three hours what I would do in three days.

I do try to do the border and the veg myself but I am certainly not above calling in a helping hand there too. After all, the experts do it so much better and so much more professionally than I do…

When I have worked it out and paid the bills I always resolve to do more of the work myself. But then the winter cold sets it and I forget about it until next year.