Gardens are for Relaxing

Some people regard gardening as a chore, but others, rightly so, see it as a great form of relaxation. There is nothing better to wind down the day than an hour or two pruning or digging.

The trick is to try to empty your mind of all the things that have been on your thoughts during the day such as the mortgage calculations, the latest gossip at work or the International shipping services UK to France.

Just learn to relax and appreciate what the garden has to offer at any time of the year. In January or February the white crocuses and the yellow daffodils are starting to peek through.

In March there is plenty of work to be done with planting and propagating, but this has to be seen as relaxation rather than work. You can hide away in the greenhouse and be alone from the noise of the day.

In May and June the flowers are staring to peep through. Long forgotten bulbs make their way up through the ground and the perennials start to grow bushy again and show their colour.

And the smell! The roses suddenly come to life and you can smell the scent as you walk through the garden. The mint, rosemary and basil all add their unique aroma to the garden. Even the broad beans in flower do their bit to make the garden smell gorgeous.