Grow a Small Tomato Garden

The tomato is the world’s most popular fruit. Each year, one hundred and thirty million tonnes of them are shipped around the world.

On a smaller scale, the tomato is also the most popular home garden fruit. Gardeners in the UK harvest baskets of tomatoes each season to use in sauces, salads and sandwiches.

There are many reasons why the tomato is the top garden plant. The most obvious is that tomatoes grown in the garden are much fresher and tastier that those you find at the supermarket.

The tomato is also extremely easy to cultivate, which makes it a favourite for beginning gardeners.

As any new grower can tell you, weather is always the number one concern. A gardener can plant, water and fertilize his crops correctly, but he cannot control the weather.

Because tomato crops can be grown indoors in Stackable Plant Pot Containers, there is less risk that they will succumb to the cold. A tomato plant can be kept inside for up to six weeks, or nearly half its growing time.

Tomatoes also reach maturity quickly and can be harvested in just 120 days. Most experienced gardeners choose to grow the plants entirely outdoors, since there is less mess.

But beginning growers are advised to start their plants indoors, because it reduces the room for error when it comes to the weather.

Plants can be taken outside when the nighttime temperature is over 50 degrees. The tomato is a sensitive fruit and it will not survive in temperatures much below that for extended periods of time.