Basic Guide for New Gardens

In a recent survey, gardening ranked as one of the most popular weekend activities for residents of the UK. Whether we are talking about fruits, vegetables, or flowers, the British have been tending gardens for over two thousand years.

The love of agriculture was instilled by the ancient Romans, who came to Britain in 55 BC. Because they were an advanced civilisation, the Romans were masters of modern farming and irrigation techniques. Before long, most families in England had established home gardens as a supplemental food source.

As you might expect, most homeowners do not need to grow gardens these days. After all, there is fresh produce available at the local market. But for some strange reason, millions of UK residents still keep home gardens. Why is this? According to the gardening guide most people tend gardens as a hobby.

Of course, this does not answer our question. Why do homeowners choose gardening time and again over the hundreds of thousands of other hobbies? Well, the simplest explanation may be that it is a challenging and rewarding hobby. To bring a fruit or vegetable crop to harvest takes time, patience, and even skill.

Then there is the obvious health and cost benefits to consider. Planting seeds and picking them requires little more than time and may end up saving you a few hundred pounds each year.

Fresh grown fruit and vegetables are also much healthier than the stuff you find at the market, which had been sprayed with pesticides. Yes, even organic produce relies on pesticides.