A Guide to the Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea flower show is the biggest flower shows in the worldFirst held in 1862, when it was called the Great Spring Show, the Chelsea Flower Show is unquestionably the biggest and best flower show in the UK and, most probably, the world.

Book in Advance

Held annually within the auspices of London’s Royal Hospital Chelsea since 1913, the Chelsea Flower Show started to gain in popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century and today regularly attracts over 150,000 visitors every year. This means that booking accommodation in London during the show’s run needs to be done well in advance.

Tickets for the actual show itself can only be purchased in advance and there is no admission available at the gate. The show runs for a total of five days but the first two days are only open to members of the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Chelsea Flower Show normally occurs during the latter half of May, with dates fluctuating slightly each year.

Tickets can be purchased well in advance from the official Chelsea Flower Show website, meaning that booking accommodation in London can also be done well in time.

Organisers recommend travelling to the show by public transport as traffic is always highly congested around the ground. Bear this in mind when you are booking accommodation in London, as staying in a hotel near to the show will save you time and money.

The nearest railway station to the Chelsea Flower Show is London Victoria, while the closest tube station is Sloane Square. Look for accommodation near to these and you will cut down on your journey time to the show.

Fantastic Experience

Visiting the Chelsea Flower Show is a fantastic experience not to be missed. Over the five days of the show, visitors have the opportunity of seeing incredibly inventive gardens, beautiful flowers and shrubs and amazing new garden products.

With a number of awards up for grabs, gardeners from all over the world pull out all the stops with their garden designs. If you are going to visit this year, book everything in advance to ensure you don’t miss out.