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Welcome to the DCMS Flag Flying website. The site is very simple to use and we hope you will find the navigation intuitive. If you get lost, the ‘home’ tab at the top left of every page will always take you to the home page!

Here are some useful tips:


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Downloading files

To download any documents on our website: Click the right-mouse button over the relevant links and choose ‘ Save Target As…’ , you’ll then be able to save the document in the appropriate place on your computer and view offline at your leisure.

The majority of our documents are published in Adobe PDF or RTF (Rich Text Format) format, all documents are clearly marked with the file size.

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Visually impaired users whose screen reader software is not compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above can find online tools that convert PDF documents into text at the Adobe accessibility website.

Please read our accessibility page for more information.


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We have provided access keys (press alt and 0 together then enter) for people who need or prefer keyboard shortcuts to navigate. You will find this list on the accessibility page.

More accessibility tips

Please read our accessibility page for more tips on how to make our website easier to navigate.

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