The Current Problems with UK Flights

So we have just started to emerge from one of the worst recessions in living memory and now our largest airline is being subjected to frequent and disruptive strikes. What next for the state of UK flights ?

For anyone who has suffered due to these ongoing strikes, the politics of the whole situation is of no consequence to them whatsoever.

These strikes are clearly inconveniencing people to a massive extent and as the CEO of the airline shows no signs of backing down, these disruptions look likely to continue.

Add to this the fact that we experienced immense problems in the airline industry as a result of the ash clouds that blew over from Iceland and we are left with an industry that really does make you want to cry.

Clearly, it cannot go on like this and now it is imperative that the industry rolls up its sleeves to even survive these ordeals.

So, first and foremost, BA need to stop their squabbling and the CEO needs to do what is best for this company for a change. Nobody is going to want to part with hundreds or even thousands of pounds for an airline ticket with a company that cannot even sort themselves out – this is a fact!

Some other airlines have actually managed to ride out these problems very well. In fact, a couple are doing even better as they are quite rightly attracting the business from BA.

Airline companies have a long way to go to ensure that they truly survive this current crisis; it may well transpire that only the very best cream of the crop will rise to the top.